Financial Aid, Costs and Student Debt



Average Financial Aid for First-Year Students at CCIC Member Institutions


Trends in Funding for State Financial Aid: FY 07 - FY 19

Average Student Loan Borrowing as compared to Average Institutional Aid for CCIC Member Institutions 2008-18

Net price vs. cost of attendance at CCIC member institutions for students with household income levels below 75K: FY 18

Percentage of Undergraduates Awarded Pell Grants at Connecticut 4-year Institutions, by Sector: 2008-18

Percent of State Higher Education Funding Allocated to Need Based Aid, 2017-18

Total Amount of Federal Student Loans Awarded to Undergraduate Students in CT by sector, 2010-18

How America Pays for College: 2019

Net Costs and Financial Aid for Full-time, Undergraduates at  Private, Non-Profit 4-Year Institutions, FY1999-2018

Sources of Grant Aid Received at CCIC Member Institutions: 2017-18
State Funding for Financial Aid, by Sector: FY 13 vs. FY 18

 State Funding for Financial Aid: FY 10 - FY 19
State Need-based Aid Awarded to CT Undergraduates at CCIC Member Institutions: FY 10 to FY 18
Percent of Graduates with Debt, by State, 2018

 Type of Student Debt of Graduates by State, 2017

Increase in Pell Grant Recipient vs. Enrollment at CCIC Member Institutions (2009 to 2019)
Estimated Undergraduate State Grant Dollars per Undergraduate Enrollment, by State: 2017-18
Institutional Aid Awarded by CCIC Member Institutions (2009 to 2018)
Gross Income Bracket of Employees Utilizing Tuition Reductions


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