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Bachelor's Degrees Awarded by CCIC Member Institutions,

Median Earnings in Connecticut by Educational Attainment, 2019

What You Make Depends on Where You Live Report: College Earnings Connecticut as Compared to the Nation
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Average Income by Education Level
College Earnings Premium (Versus Next Highest Level)
College Earnings Premium (Versus High School Diploma)

Percent of Bachelor's Degrees or Higher Awarded in CT by Sector, 2019

Trends of Computer Science Bachelor's Degrees Awarded Per 1,000 by State 2012-21

Percentage of Health Professions and Related Programs Bachelor's Degrees Awarded by CT 4-year Higher Education Institutions: 2021

Percentage of Bachelor's Degrees Produced by Non-Profit Institutions in 2020, by State

Trends of Engineering Science Bachelor's Degrees Awarded Per 1,000 by State 2012-21

Highest Level of Educational Attainment for Connecticut Adults, 25 years and Older, 2019

Bachelor's Degrees Awarded at CT Public and Nonprofit Institutions 2017-19

Total Bachelor's Degrees Awarded in Connecticut by Sector: 2020

Median Lifetime Earnings for Connecticut Degree Holders, as compared to the Nation, 2021


CCIC Member Institutions - Degree Production vs. Funding Received 2018

Share of STEM majors and degrees in Connecticut 2019

STEM Degree Growth in the Northeast: 2011-2020

Education Pays - Salary Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment 2019

Degrees of Success 2018: CCIC Member Institutions

Where Students Earn Degrees in Connecticut: 2020
Biological & Biomedical Sciences Degrees Awarded
in Connecticut, by Sector: 2020

Statewide Industry Cluster Degrees Awarded  
by CCIC Member Institutions 2020
Completion Rates by Sector in CT as Compared to the National Average: 2012-18
Bachelor's Degrees Produced in Connecticut, 2003-2020

Median Weekly Earnings and Unemployment Rate by Educational Attainment, 2020

4-year & 6-year Graduation Rates for Public and Non-Profit CT Higher Education Institutions- 2019

CCIC Institutions graduate minority undergraduate students in 4 years at a significantly higher rate than CT Public Institutions: 2020

Total Bachelor's Degree Completions in CT & MA in Computer Science and Engineering: 2016-2017
Bachelor's & Master's Degrees in Engineering Awarded in Connecticut By Institution: 2017-18

Six-Year Outcomes for Students Who Started at Two-Year Public Institutions, by Origin State, 2018


CT Bachelor’s Degree Completions by Connecticut Institutions, 2018
2028 Projected number of high school graduates in CT, by Race


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