Legislative Agenda


Maintain Current Tax Status of CCIC Institutions
CCIC will work to ensure that current tax exemptions for non-profit independent colleges and universities remain intact. 

Advocate for the Independent Colleges to be Included in Economic Development Strategies
CCIC will continue to educate lawmakers about the economic impact of the independent college sector.  In addition, we will advocate for the sector to be considered a key partner in state economic development strategies with a specific focus on educating policymakers around our capacity to support efforts to:

  • Retain Talent in CT
  • Align degree production with workforce needs
  • Promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Maintain Support for the Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes (PILOT) Program
CCIC will seek to maintain or increase current appropriation levels for PILOT grants to municipalities.

Advocate for Increased funding for need-based aid within the Roberta Willis Scholarship Program
CCIC will work to maintain or increase funding for need-based aid under the Roberta Willis Scholarship Program.

Leadership, Advocacy and Ongoing Review of Proposed Legislation
CCIC will provide information to the General Assembly regarding the impact of independent colleges and universities on the educational, economic, and community life of Connecticut and its citizens.  An ongoing review of all bills and amendments introduced during the legislative session will be conducted to determine whether there are impacts on independent colleges and universities.  CCIC will take positions on legislation affecting member institutions as appropriate.

Approved by CCIC Board on November 1, 2019.

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