Roberta Willis Scholarship Funding - Appropriations Committee

On February 15th,  Connecticut students that attend CCIC Member Institutions visited the state Capitol to advocate for funding for the Roberta Willis Scholarship Program by testifying in front of the Appropriations Committee.

To see a video of the students’ compelling testimony, click here.

To see CCIC’s testimony, click here. 

Additional Testimony from CCIC



Opposing cuts to the Roberta Willis Scholarship Program and providing support for the Governor’s proposal to move the Office of Higher Education to the State Department of Education: 
Albertus Magnus College
Connecticut College
Goodwin College
Sacred Heart University
University of Hartford
University of Saint Joseph
Watch students who receive grants from the Roberta Willis Scholarship Program testify here.



Supporting SB 1, An Act Concerning Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Connecticut's Economic Future

Supporting SB 24, An Act Concerning Program Approval for Independent Institutions of Higher Education:

Support for SB 24 from Connecticut's business industry:

Opposing HB 5044, the Governor's budget bill for FY 17, which seeks to cut and consolidate the Governor’s Scholarship Program.

Supporting HB 5332, An Act Concerning the Governor's Scholarship Program, which makes important modifications to the program.



Opposing the Speaker’s proposal eliminate the tax exemption for any real and personal property acquired after July 1, 2016, by private nonprofit institutions of higher learning (HB 6965)


Opposing the Governor’s proposal to exclude CT students attending independent colleges from the Governor’s Scholarship Program



Community Contributions

Opposing the Speaker's Proposal to eliminate the PILOT program (HB 5583)

Seeking Changes to the Governor's Scholarship Program (HB 5468)


Opposing the Governor's Scholarship Program (SB 844)

Supporting Changes to Streamline the Academic Program Approval Process (SB 1139)


Opposing Cuts to the CT Independent College Student Grant (CICS)

Opposing Changes to Eligibility to Participate in the CICS Program Based on an Institution's Endowment

Streamline Program Approval Process



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