Collaborative Opportunity

“Care Share” is a healthcare captive for private educational institutions that was established July 1, 2017 by the The Schuster Group.  The founding members are leading, Connecticut independent schools.  The members were attracted the captive arrangement because it adds scale, predictability, dividend returns and further cost management to the advantages they already were experiencing from being, or becoming, self-insured - such as gaining control over benefit plan and claims administration, having complete data and cost transparency and enjoying financial and cash flow benefits. 

The rewards of membership are heightened as the captive grows.  Therefore, The Schuster Group, the 25-year-old Farmington, CT based employee benefits, retirement plan fiduciary advisory and HR compliance and regulatory consulting firm, which was the organizational arm in helping the original member schools launch Care Share, would like to invite the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges (CCIC) member institutions to a CCIC-hosted, informational session about the captive.  

The objectives of the workshop will be threefold.  First, to give an overview of what a healthcare captive is and its potential financial rewards to a college or university for cost-savings and budget stabilization.  Second, to explain the elements of Care Share and how it differs from other captive arrangements in the marketplace.  Third, to ascertain the level of interest of each attending institutions in continuing the dialogue about the captive to see if joining it, either now or in the future, makes sense to consider.

Please let CCIC know of your interest in this opportunity by filling out the survey provided that linked to this page. Thank you in advance!

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