Our Organization

Founded in 1932, the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges (CCIC) represents fifteen accredited nonprofit independent colleges and universities in Connecticut. These institutions are bound by a common commitment to quality instruction and dedicated to collaborative efforts that strengthen the independent sector of higher education in Connecticut. CCIC serves its member institutions through government relations, public policy development, research analysis, communications and coordinated member services. The presidents of each member institution comprise the CCIC Board. The purposes of CCIC are:

  • To articulate the public benefit of independent higher education at both the state and national levels and inform public policy decisions relating to the interests of member institutions;
  • To meet the workforce needs and enhance the economy of Connecticut by collaborating with the business community on the development of statewide and institutional programs and activities that promote academic excellence and opportunities for growth;
  • To preserve the autonomy and independence of CCIC member colleges and universities; and,
  • To facilitate cooperative efforts among member institutions aimed at improving services or reducing costs.

Our Colleges