Higher Education Innovation & Entrepreneurship Working Group

Summary of Higher Education Working Group Charge

Section 27 of Public Act 16-3 requires CTNext to convene a Working Group by February 1, 2017 that consists of in-state presidents of public and independent institutions of higher education, or any such president's designee, to develop a master plan for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship at in-state public and independent institutions of higher education. 

The master plan shall:

1)  address opportunities and risks to innovation and entrepreneurship resulting from existing and emergent conditions affecting entrepreneurial programs and initiatives at institutions of higher education;

2) assess the scope and scale of existing entrepreneurial programs and initiatives at such institutions in the context of best practices at state and national institutions of higher education that are leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship;

3) recommend initiatives that facilitate collaboration and cooperation among institutions of higher education on projects that address and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship at such institutions;

4) provide for the establishment of a state-wide intercollegiate business plan competition; and

5) identify funding priorities for higher education entrepreneurship grants-in-aid pursuant for projects that expand and enhance entrepreneurial programs and initiatives or projects involving partnerships among institutions of higher education.

The master plan shall be submitted to the CTNext board of directors on or before May 1, 2017.  Once approved, the plan will be used to make grants-in-aid to institutions to foster innovation and entrepreneurship consistent with and in furtherance of the master plan.  $10 million ($2 million/year for 5 years) have been earmarked for this purpose.

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