Call A Doctor Plus

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for employers, colleges and universities as well as individuals looking to add telehealth solutions to their health plan – solutions that are fully comprehensive, offer significant benefits and are truly meant to simplify healthcare and wellness for everyone.

Call A Doctor Plus combines best-in-class healthcare services into an easy to use program that saves time and money by providing convenient and affordable access to quality healthcare and help navigating today’s complex healthcare system. With our platform, individuals and family members can contact physicians or get expert help 24/7/365 in minutes via phone, video or mobile app. When healthcare and assistance are this accessible, people’s physical, mental and financial health will improve…leading to healthier, happier employees and improved well-being for the overall organization. We believe in the strong interconnectedness of mental and physical health, which is why we also offer 24/7/365 comprehensive counseling services.

Telemedicine offers great opportunities for cost savings and improved productivity when employees understand and use the tools provided to them. In an industry where utilization rates of less than 5% are all too common, Call A Doctor Plus achieves utilization levels of over 50% with our powerful, proven approach.

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